DNA Cricket Player Performance

Build self awareness of the team members so that they focus on using their strengths and minimizing their struggles when playing the game through:

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  • Maximizing human potential
  • Recruiting top talent
  • Aligning talents to positions
  • Improving on-field execution

Are your team members productively using their strengths and passions for maximum performance in their roles?

Can you identify how the strengths and struggles of your  team are impacting performance?

Are you getting below the surface to reveal the true behaviors which will influence performance?

DNA Cricket Player Overview:

Increase on-field performance by having team members assigned to the right roles for
in the team maximum productivity.

Through DNA Cricket Player Performance, understand a player's naturally approach cricket and make decisions to address challenges such as:

  • Discovering the different behaviors of the players to identify how their different talents  affect the way they play
  • Identifying the talent needed for the team and fitting the talent into a team
  • Not identifying in interviews the behaviors which translate to performance in a particular environment
  • Aligning the right talented players with the proper expectations for greater performance
  • Players unable to see how struggles are getting in the way of performance
  • Engaging talented players for long term retention
  • Increasing player confidence to sustain performance
  • Improving player focus on execution
  • Coaching players to be positive and shut out the mental chatter that holds them back
  • Helping players to make wise decisions on and off the field

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