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Lead and coach the team from the front to improve cricket team results on a sustainable basis

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  • Maximizing human potential
  • Building team relationships
  • Making the right choices
  • Effective communication of priorities

Do you have the confidence to lead from the front and engage your team by managing each person uniquely?

Are you aware of how your coaching style may be impacting the performance of your team?

Have you ever given instructions that were not followed because they were not heard or understood?

DNA Coaching Performance Overview

Increase your coaching effectiveness by having a team which is more emotionally engaged to meet its objectives.

Through DNA Coaching Performance, improve team relationships and coaching performance by recognizing and appreciating the differences to address challenges such as:

  • Getting your message heard right the first time to get aligned action from different team members
  • Defining your coaching legacy
  • Coaches learning how their own leadership behaviors may be in the way of success
  • Responding to events and problems with emotional balance
  • Emotionally engaging with your team to show you care
  • Holding the team accountable for its performance
  • Hiring the right talent for your team and aligning them with the proper tasks
  • Improving results by coaching them to use their unique talents and realize their potential
  • Learning how to ask positive questions of team members so they feel appreciated
  • Being personally authentic and trustworthy

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